Kim’s Cooking Videos & Recipes

For the past year, I’ve been making cooking videos for the Real Women of Philadelphia Season 1 and Season 2 Casting competitions. This section of the site is dedicated to those cooking videos, since my passion for hunger relief, finds it’s  roots in my passion to feed people, good food.

Pralines & Cream Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets:

Raspberry Glazed Lemon Cream Oat Tartlets:

Cannoli Florentine Cups:

Stuffed Tomatoes & Roasted Beef:

Raspberry Bacon Jalapeno Poppers:

Cheesey Peppa Stacks:

Swedish Creme w/Berries:

Inside-Out Creamy Spaghetti:

Herb Chicken Stroganoff:

Caramelized Pork & Asian Slaw Cups:

Savory Southwest Cheesecake:

Cooking  Creme Competition

Santa Fe Pizza:

Bacon Stuffed French Toast:

Lemon Creme Pie:

Savory Garlic, Orange, Chipotle Tacos:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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